About Sigvaris

Sigvaris compression solutions help you to go easily through your day. To feel strong and secure. They give you the comfort to do everything you want, and they cater to your way of life.

Legs and feet of a couple walking, carrying shopping bags

Product lines


Perfect support with an extensive medical background

At Sigvaris, we care about people. Our history and experience with compression products goes back more than 150 years. For almost 60 years, Sigvaris medical compression solutions have offered effective and reliable support for vascular conditions. Anywhere, anytime. For everyone.

Freedom, security, and self-confidence

Our Sigvaris products and solutions help you move on with your life without compromise. We develop compression solutions that address more than your medical requirements and comfort. They cater to your way of life. 

Because we know that the best compression solution is the one that helps you feel empowered, and more like yourself.

By understanding your medical condition as well as your daily routine, we have created a wide range of specialized products and solutions and appealing designs that cater to your every need.

Product lines for every need

In order to offer a comprehensive as well as complementing medical solution range, we have developed different product lines.

Sigvaris Essential


Sigvaris Essential solutions always meet your needs. These straightforward stockings are an everyday go-to for people who seek the comfort, support, and reliability of traditional therapeutic socks and stockings.

Why choose Essential?

  • Reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Long-distance travel
  • Everyday comfort and reliability

Sigvaris Style


Choice is empowering, and fashion is as unique as you are. With Sigvaris Style, your personality will shine as you select from distinctive hoisery and socks.

Why choose Style?

  • Fashionable modern patterns and designs
  • Special occasions and formal wear
  • Our most luxurious feel

Sigvaris Motion

Motion Leisure North America

When daily comfort for hard-working legs is required, put yourself in motion. Sigvaris Motion socks offer all day strong support for people with active lives.

Why choose Motion?

  • Cushioned sole for added comfort
  • Durable thermoregulating wool
  • Moisture-wicking yarns

Sigvaris a toujours été sensibles aux préoccupations majeures des femmes enceintes : rester belles et féminines même avec un produit de compression. C’est pour cette raison que le collant de compression Maternité est né. Pour que chaque femme enceinte soit bien dans son corps et bien dans sa tête pendant 9 mois. Un collant de compression Maternité avec une ceinture inédite et innovante conçu et développé avec des femmes enceintes.

Sigvaris Specialty


Sometimes, the compression solution goes beyond standard. The products of the Sigvaris Specialty line are each manufactured for a very specific medical indication or individual needs.


Sigvaris is a part of SIGVARIS GROUP. This enables us to develop and offer compression wear for most medical needs, ranging from standard medical level to highly sophisticated solutions for specific indications and complex edemas.

We enhance the compression wear experience for you by offering a wide selection of solutions and designs for various needs.

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